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Chef Jimi Penti's Recipe Database

This is a collection of recipes that I have put together because I have actually MADE them!

All photos on this site are my actual photos of the food I have prepared, typically in my Home Kitchen. I take great pride in the execution of the recipes, step by step, so that I can recreate the same dish at the same level of quality each and every time.

Special thanks need to be given to a couple of sources that inspired me and made my mouth water! These people are:

Alton Brown (denoted on this site as: An Alton Brown Recipe) - I have been a fan of Alton Brown for years. His quirky take on Culinary Education mixes Comedy, Science, History, and Culinary execution into one entertaining and educational package. Making cooking and learning fun is his greatest contribution to the Culinary World. He is also one of the most down to earth Christian men I have seen in the public eye. He doesn't spew about it on television, he actually LIVES it.

The Lockhart Family (denoted on this site as: A Lockhart Family Recipe) - My good friend introduced me to his Mother (an amazing woman for many reasons) and her collection of dishes. She has carefully collected the favorite dishes of her family and put them together in a cookbook. After I was first exposed to the flavors (at holiday and family gatherings), I begged and pleaded until she got tired of me and shared SOME of her family secrets. A special Thanks to Judy Lockhart for her generosity.

Let's get to Browsing and Cooking shall we?